• And a voice keeps saying this is where i'm meant to be
  • Gee Whiz
  • I could be just like the calm before the storm. Waiting for all hell yeah to break loose.
  • Tea is the finest solution.
  • nightlock
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  • thinking important thinks
  • everyday i spend my time
  • soothe
  • Reckless Vol 6 - Self care + health

  • something witty will go here
  • When I hear that trumpet sound, I'm gonna rise right out of the ground, Ain't no grave, Can hold my body down [GT]
  • You’ll never know what hit you, Won’t see me closing in I’m gonna make you suffer, This hell you put me in, I’m underneath your skin, The devil within, You’ll never know what hit you [GT]
  • "He filled my heart, I did my best. But without the sun, I'm only shadows in a dress. 'Cause if the full moon comes, our love is done, So forever, towards dawn, we run" [GT]
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  • forgive me
  • I hate this a lot
  • Wish you were here
  • Wow this sucks
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  • I'm never gonna know you now but I'm gonna love you anyhow
  • "People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how youmade them feel"
  • Candy Canes and Mistletoe; Jack Frost Nipping At Your Nose
  • Kick Him To The Curb, Take A Polaroid Picture

  • {tgbh} Once I was told there was gold if you chase it down; I went runnin' on, oh, to a different town. But taking the road on my own wasn't meant to be. Can we walk along, oh, on a lonely street.
  • {gotl} I hate the things I think about you when I'm all alone. I know you're tough but I've been gone for so long. I play the memories of you inside my head so all those pictures of us burn and radiate.
  • You were in the basement watching Muppets on T.V. and I'm still in the kitchen and I refuse to leave. You yell up "C'mon take a mindwalk make it honalulu bound", but I'm aching in my ankles and my eyes are looking down.
  • {tgbh} I would never change what our past is; written in our bones it's who we are. I just can't control where my mind goes when it goes too far.

  • Style Moi // Tag // For @f-lowercrown (5/10)
  • Style Moi // For @f-lowercrown (4/10)
  • Style Moi // For @f-lowercrown (3/10)
  • Independence Day // For @f-lowercrown (2/10)

  • my only weapon was my pen//but i traded it for my hand//not a smart move//but my move [TITL 2x08]
  • i must say this is as good as it gets//so why you wasting your blood your sweat your tears [PR]
  • the nights go on//waiting for a light that never comes//i chase the sun//waiting for a light that never comes [24/100]

  • taking the kids from our districts, forcing them to kill one another while we watch || thgc
  • now you bring it up, i'm gonna ring it up - just to hear you sing it out
  • at first i was scared but then i just smiled and put on my coat and thought, "finally something to leave the house for" // gotl

  • r e d r u m | m u r d e r
  • all your heroes are dead
  • just dust and ash of light-years past
  • he can tell i ain't missing no meals