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  • Spouse? I prefer the term Lifelong Duet Partner
  • I know I should be grateful, I know I'm good and able, but I don't have the strength to get up from the kitchen table
  • And the trouble with no strings is you can only fall
  • Behind The Scenes - INTERVIEW

  • Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I've got to find, only you can set my heart on fire
  • Rain came pouring down, when I was drowning, that's when I could finally breathe
  • I fall in love with you every single day, And I just wanna tell you I am
  • Tender we fall, Quiet and alone

  • advanced regression
  • the beauty of art or nature
  • why did love put a gun in my hand?
  • you've really got me now
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  • the hecate chronicles
  • [WOTG] waking up to ash and dust i wipe my brow and i sweat my rust
  • Black holes and revelations
  • You're the only North Star I would follow this farrrr

  • we were in screaming colour [bots round one]
  • for the love of cupcakes - prologue
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  • you wanna have lunch and i wanna have a picnic
  • i paint it the shade of where the skin and the lip meet
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  • i'll ride with you under the stars, i'll forever hold your punk heart

  • ☾ faceclaims.
  • they don't know you like I do.
  • well, I'm not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you
  • she's cold and she's cruel, but she knows what she's doing.
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  • these new flocks are nothing but vultures
  • worth a shot
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  • But I'm so tired of eating all of my misspoken words
  • I wanna run, but I don't wanna run if you're not gonna find me.
  • Say you'll see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams
  • We can be the change we needed
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