• possible binder cover O2.
  • in darkness she is all i see.
  • possible binder cover O1.
  • i was broken & bruised.
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  • How can we push aside all the bad and make it right Now you got me all choked up
  • I'll stay awake, 'cause the dark's not taking prisoners tonight.
  • You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye
  • You've been hanging with the unloved kids

  • Simplicity
  • The long weekend
  • I think it's possible maybe i'm falling for you
  • Cause It's too cold

  • . she believed she could, so she did .
  • . February .
  • . you're not the one I'm looking for .
  • . where have you been .

  • band-aids don't fix bullet holes. {BOTC 1}
  • feel that summer breeze, the way it's calling me. {BOTFC 3}
  • i don't know what you're doing to me, mon chérie.
  • i'm the best worst thing that hasn't happened to you yet.

  • help actually
  • having conversations with thoughts in my head.
  • so we beat on.
  • fell right through the cracks; now I'm trying to get back.

  • when sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.
  • wow, girl, that's what you really wanted, huh? a michael cera knockoff, i guess i wasn't white enough. {ff}
  • sailed on a ship of paper and i sank in the deep of your eyes, i got lost in your graveyard and now i dream on a bed of knives.
  • time passes, and the world does its best to bury our small forever, but you’re still the language i dream in. i miss you more than any of the history books promised.
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  • i'm the violence pouring in the rain
  • a gardener told me some plants move
  • i will set my soul on fire
  • throw your heart to me

  • title later
  • In the darkness I will meet my creators, And they will all agree, that I’m a suffocator, I should go now quietly, For my bones have found a place to lie down and sleep (2.26.15)
  • I need a sign or a signal I’ve overthought everything I can think of Into symbol I need the coat and your jacket And the remnants of your cigarette packet [VC]
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