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  • TFG || I need a man who'll take a chance on a love that burns hot enough to last. So when the night falls, my lonely heart calls. Oh, I wanna dance with somebody.
  • TGF || You know that I don't play. Streets not safe but I never run away, even when I'm away. Oti, oti, there's never much love when we go OT. I pray to make it back in one piece, I pray, I pray, that's why I need a one dance.
  • TGF || Heaven's a heartbreak away, never let you go, never let me down. Oh it's been a hell of a ride, driving the edge of a knife. Never let you go, never let me down.
  • TGF || I never meant to hurt you, it's just something I do. I guess it's not a good excuse. And she will always hate me, no matter what I say. And there is no mistaking, the love is gone.

  • We're concentrating on falling apart.
  • Why'd you come? You knew you should have stayed.
  • This is revelational; I am not afraid.
  • I still wear your t-shirt out, all the ink is faded now.
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  • He's fast and she's weird. | BOTFF Round 1O
  • ✧; Everybody's afraid of something. // battle of the characters: round O6
  • Every hero should be flawed... // bonus round ;; battle of the idols s4
  • ✧; Killing Shaw will not bring you peace... // Round O5 of Battle of the Heroes and Villains

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  • better than gold
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  • She says I smell like safety and home.
  • If I could be anything other than this; I would be something Greater than me.
  • I've been a stranger ever since we fell apart.
  • We'll rule the world together. Forever.

  • I don't feel my life is real, I'm on the fence with common sense.
  • Because gasoline is burning up, and I've been losing sleep. I just need someone to rely on.
  • Do you wanna hold hands? Should we go back down? She wanna slow dance?
  • We used to joke and it felt like home, but now it's all just hazy.

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  • where you are is where i want to be
  • tell your baby that i'm your baby
  • shades of cool

  • my heart, my soul, i'm begging you for more//i'm on my knees, baby please, can i drink from your loving cup? || CK
  • swimming in a body of fire, spinning it around in my mind//i'm not here to say goodbye, you're better than a golden age || TF
  • let it go, let it go//lift your hands high and light a fire
  • its 3 am, theres love in stars//just step outside, jump midnight stars?//concave your mind? its never hard || PR2

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