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  • don't worry, baby, it's all my fault. i'll take the parts that she doesn't want || hlw
  • you're a knife, sharp and deadly || hlw
  • she's got lions in her heart, a fire in her soul || hlw
  • so let's stop, pretend that there'll be a happy end.

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  • when the witches want to bring on thunder,
  • i just need some time in a beautiful place...
  • cute food

  • Camp Jupiter Open Set
  • Camp Jupiter Open Set
  • Listen - Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 4
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  • ;; if you close your eyes ;;
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  • "So Blame It On The Night."
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  • "I Love You When You're Singing That Song."
  • "Bang Bang There Goes Your Heart."

  • {hlw} what do you mean there's no wifi in the woods?
  • {hlw} i'm so fancy, you already know
  • i got more records than the kgb
  • i wish to remain nameless and live without shame

  • well, I woke up in a car. I traced away the fog so I could see the mississippi on her knees.
  • she's cold and she's cruel, but she knows what she's doing.
  • i heard you say that you were writing a diary of a nobody and the pages burn right through. if you want, you can always talk to me, talk to me, 'cause i've got time for you.
  • I admit I'm a bit of a victim of the worldwide system too
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  • I swear by my pretty floral bonnet
  • He just has this idiotic sense of nobility.
  • Define interesting.
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