• that's right, it's now hooter
  • The Potters || WW
  • "Wotter Watch Exclusive"
  • James Potter, the self-proclaimed instagram king || WW

  • heaven knows i'm prone to leave the only god i should have loved
  • you think my bruised knees are sort of pretty and i think your tired eyes are kind of nice.
  • i ran out of luck, well, i f*cked up, and nothing's gonna change that.
  • i'm just tryna live life for the moment, and all these motherf*ckers want a real love.

  • My ghost where'd you go? I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me
  • { AMMD } Where did I go wrong I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness
  • " All the autumn flowers are in bloom just now, and there are groves and fountains, shady courtyards, marble colonnades. My lord father always keeps singers at court, sweeter ones than Butters here, and pipers and fiddlers and harpers as well. "
  • I'm bigger than my body / I'm colder than this home

  • i want to make a new group.
  • "You Gave Me Something To Miss."
  • r o l e p l a y i d e a s.
  • "And If We Find Our Way We May Never Be The Same."

  • [ISoWaW] We were young and drinking in the park, there was nowhere else to go. And you said you always had my back, oh but how were we to know?  That these are the days that bind you together, forever. And these little things define you forever, forever.
  • [ISoWaW] Easy, easy. Pull out your heart, to make the being alone easy, easy.
  • [MTM] Made a wrong turn once or twice, dug my way out, blood and fire. Bad decisions, that's alright. Welcome to my silly life.
  • {GoTB} "You swore an oath to me. Does loyalty mean nothing to you?"  "It means everything to me. " "And yet, here you stand." "And yet, here I stand."
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  • "The desert’s sunrise was a feast to our eyes. The dry heat and hot wind, caressing our skin. We'll go no further, we'll build us a home here, for a time, not forever, just you and I, dear."
  • "Let's go take a drive and think about our lives, passing through meridians of greater times. I was on a different road, but now I've found my home within you."
  • "What's your name, summer girl? Who'll hold you tight till the fall comes and your life takes you away?"
  • "I find it hard to say bye-bye, even in the state of you and I. And how can I refuse? Yeah, you rid me of the blues ever since you came into my life."

  • robbie the rabbit
  • [⚰💉 // "leave it all down here, it's future rust and it's future dust! i'm the fury in your head, i'm the fury in your bed, i'm the ghost in the back of your bed!" // ⚰💉]
  • [ 👽 // "hold this thread as i walk away!" // 👽 ]
  • [ ☠ // hold fast, don't you look at the past! because hope and love last beyond the end! // ☠ ]

  • tell me what you see, is it money or is it me?
  • it's a rich man's world

  • starlight
  • queen
  • never stop
  • her

  • i'm more than what you've made of me.
  • better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave.
  • made a lot of changes, but not forgetting who i was.
  • i ain't afraid of no ghost.
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