• " Our arms start from our backs because they were once wings "
  • *bitches in french* [ castelo bruxo ]
  • My ghost where'd you go? I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me
  • { AMMD } Where did I go wrong I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness

  • deep inside my head i was under attack, stood my ground//i got no regrets, had to take my soul back, i'm free now [BotOCM]
  • i'm desperate to run//i'm desperate to leave, if i lose it all, at least i'll be free [TMS]
  • safe passage follow me, refusal to oversee, denial to hear you say [JTA]

  • [ ☠ // "this hurts, i can't leave, and i understand, but can you? i'm just scared, you're lonely. everyone knows you're better than me..." // ☠ ]
  • [ ☠ // "careful, careful darling, 'cuz there's a lion in the weeds... he sees you got vultures watching..." // ☠ ]
  • [ ☠ // "show me where it hurts" // ☠ ]
  • [ ☠ // "can we skip past near-death clichés? where my heart restarts, as my life replays?" // ☠ ]

  • shades of cool
  • I haven't slept a wink in a week
  • Untitled #225
  • Oh sadness, I'm your girl.

  • reminder
  • some fresh air
  • more dreams
  • honeybee

  • Backwards at school, I wrote from right to left
  • The power of youth is on my mind -- Sunset, small town, I'm out of time
  • Holy sangria on ice!

  • Not Too Chilly.
  • #muglife
  • White Shoes.
  • Lace and Sweats.
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  • time and relative dimensions in space
  • tokyo nights
  • in which becky still hasn't cleaned her desk
  • longing. rusted. seventeen. daybreak. furnace. nine. benign. homecoming. one. freightcar

  • do something
  • you never realise.
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  • "And there she goes. She was sitting really nice with her head full of advice from friends. She walks around. She tries to rearrange, but everything goes under her bed."
  • "I'm gonna take my time to say, take my time today. I'm gonna take what comes my way, take what they give me."
  • "The desert’s sunrise was a feast to our eyes. The dry heat and hot wind, caressing our skin. We'll go no further, we'll build us a home here, for a time, not forever, just you and I, dear."
  • "Let's go take a drive and think about our lives, passing through meridians of greater times. I was on a different road, but now I've found my home within you."